"Find your Auburn" 


The background

Sweet Auburn historic district is the birthplace for African American’s Civil Rights Movements. It is coined “Sweet Auburn” due to its rich economic and community developments for the African Americans. Lying right in the center of downtown Atlanta, the neighborhood, however, is losing signs of its past prosperity and glamour as it is undergoing a period of change. What’s more, many long-time residents of the neighborhood are forced to move away due to the higher rents being imposed brought by the Georgia State University right next door. 

The Challenge

Through making media strategies, we wanted to help to revive and raise awareness of the historical and wonderful place, through which hopefully will help with preserving the flavor of it and keeping it "Sweet". We are given the freedom in terms of what media formats to use.

THE process 

The Visit

After four visits with more than 10 interviews, we identified the goal of our design would be to help bridge the gap between Auburn and the passers-by, who are often times not inclining to stay and stick around the neighborhood. 

The Deliverables

After iterations based on feedbacks from the class, our final deliverables are a combination of a set of posters and a companion locative mobile app that provides a gamified way to experience Auburn, making every historical building as a stop to initiate online conversation as users can record their Auburn memories to the specific place.

Each poster highlight one distinct element of Auburn, "Community", "Jazz", "Faith" and "Food". We deliberately used attention-grabbing bright colors and placed in public spaces like bus stops to introduce visitors to download the app, as appeared in the bottom of the posters. 

The Journey

What I learned from this project, except the design work that came out of it, is the complexity to truly design something good for the community. It needs indeed a work of relationships, careful considerations and commitments. We owed the completion of this project to our classmates, Professor Nassim JafariNaimi and the lovely people in the neighborhood. It is my passion to design for the community as I am also carrying this project further to become my master project.