Born and raised in the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen, I am a multi-disciplinary designer, a vagabond traveler and a second-year graduate student in Digital Media at Georgia Institute of Technology based in Atlanta, GA. Currently looking for full-time opportunity for Spring, 2017. 

Transitioned from a previous journalist to now an experience designer, I am still driven by the curious kid inside constantly craving for the fascinating stories to understand, and to tell with a purpose, and to ultimately foster more colorful experiences. 

I am currently designing my master project on a cross-generational storytelling project of Historic Neighborhood of Sweet Auburn in Design and Social Interaction Studio while learning to conquer a VR storytelling piece of "Stranger Things" working with my talented and wonderful teammates at Professor Janet Murray's ETV lab. 

Feel free to shoot me an email (sallywxia at gmail dot com) or check out my resume, or just to chat. A shared love of elephants is encouraged but not required. :)